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Great question Danielle! I agree with what others have said already. Please
let us know how it goes!


On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 7:46 AM, Juliane Schneider <
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> What Karin said!
> Also, I'd go through the lessons with the uncertified instructors and ask
> if there are any spots where they feel less confident. If there's time,
> maybe have them demo just those spots so that they have a bit of practice
> in front of an audience. Stress that if they get questions that they don't
> know the answer to, that that is OK, and sometimes it is a great
> opportunity for the class to discover the answer collaboratively.
> Juliane.
> On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 9:32 AM, Karin Lagesen <karin.lagesen at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> On 20.11.2017 16:18, Maneesha Sane wrote:
>>> Hi Danielle,
>>> For self organized workshops at least one instructor must be certified
>>> so you're in good shape there.
>>> We don't have any specific protocols about preparing other instructors
>>> or helpers but I'm really glad that you are thinking about this.  I think
>>> it's a great idea to set some time with them to review our instructor
>>> training curriculum.  You've chosen some good points to highlight in your
>>> email below.  If you do something like this it would be great to have you
>>> report back to us to help us build resources to share with other
>>> instructors.
>>> It would also be great to hear from others in this group as I'm sure
>>> they've done similar things, to see how they've prepped non-certified
>>> instructors or helpers to be a part of their workshops.
>> I always discuss things through with my co-instructors before a workshop,
>> whether they are certified or not. It is imperative that we're all on board
>> on what we're doing and how. If people haven't taught before or are not
>> certified, I ask if I can do anything to help them prepare, and I have an
>> extra discussion with them beforehand to walk through the materials, to
>> answer any questions they might have, and to generally ensure that they are
>> prepared. With new ones I also make a point of discussing the importance of
>> the CoC, and to reiterate our inclusive way of thinking and how attitude
>> can affect learning.
>> Hope this helps :)
>> Karin
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