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What Karin said!

Also, I'd go through the lessons with the uncertified instructors and ask
if there are any spots where they feel less confident. If there's time,
maybe have them demo just those spots so that they have a bit of practice
in front of an audience. Stress that if they get questions that they don't
know the answer to, that that is OK, and sometimes it is a great
opportunity for the class to discover the answer collaboratively.


On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 9:32 AM, Karin Lagesen <karin.lagesen at gmail.com>

> On 20.11.2017 16:18, Maneesha Sane wrote:
>> Hi Danielle,
>> For self organized workshops at least one instructor must be certified so
>> you're in good shape there.
>> We don't have any specific protocols about preparing other instructors or
>> helpers but I'm really glad that you are thinking about this.  I think it's
>> a great idea to set some time with them to review our instructor training
>> curriculum.  You've chosen some good points to highlight in your email
>> below.  If you do something like this it would be great to have you report
>> back to us to help us build resources to share with other instructors.
>> It would also be great to hear from others in this group as I'm sure
>> they've done similar things, to see how they've prepped non-certified
>> instructors or helpers to be a part of their workshops.
> I always discuss things through with my co-instructors before a workshop,
> whether they are certified or not. It is imperative that we're all on board
> on what we're doing and how. If people haven't taught before or are not
> certified, I ask if I can do anything to help them prepare, and I have an
> extra discussion with them beforehand to walk through the materials, to
> answer any questions they might have, and to generally ensure that they are
> prepared. With new ones I also make a point of discussing the importance of
> the CoC, and to reiterate our inclusive way of thinking and how attitude
> can affect learning.
> Hope this helps :)
> Karin
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