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Hi Danielle,

We always have a mix of certified/non-certified instructors at our
workshops.  Our process has been to ask that people help at a workshop
before teaching, since we run them frequently enough to make that
feasible.  We also *always* do a pre-workshop meeting to make sure that
everyone is on the same page in terms of expectations + what's being
I recently did a small workshop (1 hour) on workshop introductions +
introduction practice with our instructors and that went over well.

In the absence of workshop observation, I'd say that the format (sticky
notes, feedback, live coding) and setting a good tone/atmosphere (code of
conduct, motivation/demotivation) is the most important information for
people to know.  Pretty much what you've said!


On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 8:24 AM, danielle.quinn <danielle.quinn at mun.ca>

> Hello,
> I have a workshop coming up in a couple of weeks; two of my co-instructors
> are not (yet) certified. I would like to suggest to them that prior to the
> workshop, we take a couple of hours to go through some of the key points
> from the instructor training curriculum. This might include a discussion of
> expert blind spot, how to avoid demotivating language, watching the 'good'
> vs 'bad' examples of live coding, and general workshop practices (sticky
> notes, code of conduct, feedback, etc.).
> Is there any precedent for pre-workshop discussions with non-certified
> instructors? Do you think that it is appropriate to ask them to have such a
> discussion? And, if so, do you have suggestions for what content from the
> curriculum might be the most beneficial? Thanks!
> Danielle
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