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RIght, so looks like my email client goes crazy and sends unfinished emails
hiding them from me.
What I wanted to say is that I have used the following questions to guide
the Checkout discussion last week (disclaimer, this was my first session so
I may be completely speaking rubbish here):
1) When working through the lesson did you feel like you would like to
change the flow/ present the concepts differently? If so, which ones and
2) Anything that you found unclear in the material? Did you get stuck
3) What could be the misconceptions that the students could develop when
learning this material? (i.e. which bits of the module may be tricky - if
poorly explained, they may lead the students to broken mental model)
4) What assumptions about the prior knowledge would have for the students
taking this module? If you were to list any prerequsites, what would they

1 and 2 should help the trainees get settled with our collaborative lesson
development approach. That is, by answering their doubts we hopefully can
retain: "Almost all of our instructors are now using our lessons rather
than legacy material of their own." [1]
And of course 1 and 2 is to give trainees more confidence.

3- references back to our Instructor Training and makes trainees aware of
where to be step carefully with the materials.
4 - references back to the IT as well and again, hopefully raises awareness
among the trainees what is OK to assume about the prior knowledge for this
module and what is not.

The problem is that the person leading the discussion needs to have good
background understanding of the discussed modules.
And the discussion needs to be well moderated, otherwise it will take ages.


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On 24 February 2016 at 10:56, Aleksandra Pawlik <a.pawlik at software.ac.uk>
> Hi,
> Thanks for this.
> I think this also co-aligns with some of the feedback I got from the
> Training Leader
> The Software Sustainability Institute, University of Manchester
> w: www.software.ac.uk
> t: @aleksandrana | @SoftwareSaved
> On 19 Feb 2016, at 15:00, Greg Wilson <gvwilson at software-carpentry.org>
> I like both ideas - can you please PR the instructor-training repo with:
> 1. Some descriptive text in messages/training-checkout.txt
> 2. Add some guidelines to messages/discussion-guidelines.md
> Thanks,
> Greg
> On 2016-02-18 1:16 PM, Karin Lagesen wrote:
> First, with discussion session, I am referring to the 1 hr discussion
> all instructors to be attend before going through the checkout
> teaching-demo session.
> I have spoken to some of the people here in Oslo that have recently
> gone through a discussion session. One of them mentioned that the
> discussion lead was talking about things that was more advanced than
> was actually taught in the lesson itself, and the other said that he
> didn't get much out of it and that the session was kind of
> superficial. I have also gone through one of these myself as a
> discussion lead, where I mostly had to drag things out of the
> participants. It was clear that they had prepared things, but they
> just didn't really have an active relationship to the material.
> Based on this, I think I'd like to suggest the following:
> 1. We write out some more specific questions for the discussion leads,
> for instance: did you understand all of the challenges, which of the
> challenges do you think students would struggle with the most, etc.
> 2. Have each participant come up with at least 2 observations and 2
> specific questions which should then go into the etherpad before the
> discussion session begins.
> I think that these two things could potentially help give the
> participants a more active relationship to the material, and form a
> basis for a more substantial discussion.
> Karin
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