[Trainers] next steps for becoming an instructor trainer

Karin Lagesen karin.lagesen at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 16:28:33 EST 2016

On 27.02.2016 23:19, Greg Wilson wrote:
> Finally, I'd like us to get together in the week of March 7 to meet each
> other and discuss progress, plans, and when you're going to run your
> first workshops.  The best time we can do is 22:00 in Brisbane, 14:00 in
> South Africa, 13:00 in Oslo, 07:00 in Toronto, and 06:00 in Illinois and
> Texas.  Neal/Rayna/Lex/Anelda/Belinda/Jason, please let me know if that
> *doesn't* work for you.

I am travelling Wed-Sun that week, and have an unmissable meeting on 
Tues. Is Monday an option for the rest of you?


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