[Trainers] next steps for becoming an instructor trainer

Greg Wilson gvwilson at software-carpentry.org
Sat Feb 27 17:19:49 EST 2016

Hi everyone,

Thanks for sending your preferences for subjects - I've created an issue 
for each of your choices from the Science of Learning (SoL) and How 
Learning Works (HLW) in the instructor training repo 
(https://github.com/swcarpentry/instructor-training/issues) to track 
progress.  Here's what I'd like you to do next:

1. Go through the existing material and add notes to the appropriate 
issue marking (a) where key points from that page (SoL) or chapter (HLW) 
are mentioned in instructor training (i.e., what do we cover where).

2. Add notes about what *isn't* covered that you think really ought to 
be.  We obviously can't do the whole of HLW, but if there are points in 
it that are particularly relevant to training DC/SWC instructors that 
we're not talking about, let's find out what they are and figure out if 
we can make room.  I think (I hope) we can hit all the high points from 
SoL, which is shorter and sharper - we can't *do* all of the things it 
recommends in a two-day workshop, but we can at least tell people about 

Separately, I'd like each of you to pick one of the core SWC lessons 
(Shell, Python, Git, or one of our R lessons) and help the maintainers 
do triage on the pull requests that are coming in from trainees.  This 
is partly to help clear the backlog, but also to familiarize you with 
what people are submitting so that we can figure out what else they 
could do instead - as several people have pointed out, we can't continue 
to require trainees to send additions to mature, stable lessons, but we 
do want to be sure they know how to make changes.

Once you've picked the lesson you want to cover, please file an issue in 
the instructor training repo with "Trainee PRs for XYZ" as the title 
(replacing XYZ with the subject name) and assign it to yourself, and use 
that to make notes about any patterns you're seeing: are the submissions 
incorrectly formatted, too big, too small, off topic, too hard, or are 
they just right?

Finally, I'd like us to get together in the week of March 7 to meet each 
other and discuss progress, plans, and when you're going to run your 
first workshops.  The best time we can do is 22:00 in Brisbane, 14:00 in 
South Africa, 13:00 in Oslo, 07:00 in Toronto, and 06:00 in Illinois and 
Texas.  Neal/Rayna/Lex/Anelda/Belinda/Jason, please let me know if that 
*doesn't* work for you.


Dr Greg Wilson
Director of Instructor Training
Software Carpentry Foundation

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