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Williams, Jason williams at cshl.edu
Fri Feb 26 13:50:18 EST 2016

Hello Everyone, 

Grateful to have a chance to work with everyone on this!

1. Repo forked. 
3. From 'How Learning Works' I’ll choose chapter 7; ‘ How Do Students Become Self-Directed Learners?’
4. I am already on Edthena, maybe next week I’ll have some old video of my own to post. 


- Jason

Jason Williams
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Lead - Education, Outreach, Training: CyVerse
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>Hi everyone,
>I would like to welcome Neal Davis (U. Illinois), Rayna Harris (U. Texas 
>Austin), Lex Nederbragt (U. Oslo), Anelda van der Walt (South Africa), 
>Belinda Weaver (U. Queensland) and Jason Williams (Cold Spring Harbor 
>Laboratory) to the instructor training team.  Over the next few months, 
>I'll be working with them to get them ready to run instructor training 
>sessions, and continuing to work with Ariel Rokem (U.  Washington), 
>Fiona Tweedie (Australian National Ballet), and Karin Lagesen (also 
>Oslo) to get them wrapped up.
>To get started, can NRLAB&J please do the following:
>1. Fork the https://github.com/swcarpentry/instructor-training/ 
>repository and go through the notes (all in Markdown in the root of the 
>repo).  Pull requests on these are very welcome...
>2. Go through the Deans for Impact's "Science of Learning" whitepaper 
>(in the repository as papers/science-of-learning-2015.pdf) and pick one 
>of the 6 core topics it outlines to focus on during your training, and 
>let me know by email (first come, first served).
>3. Pick up a copy of "How Learning Works" if you haven't already done 
>so, and then pick one chapter to focus on during your training and let 
>me know (again, first come, first served).
>4. Give me permission to add you to our Edthena account so that you can 
>view/comment on videos from trainee instructors, and upload videos 
>yourself.  You can opt out of this part if you want to, for any reason, 
>but I think it's a pretty interesting experiment...
>Fiona, Karin, and Ariel, I'll be in touch separately about wrapping up - 
>everyone else, as soon as I've heard back from you all about #1-4 we'll 
>get started on next steps.
>Dr Greg Wilson
>Director of Instructor Training
>Software Carpentry Foundation
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