[Maintainers] first steps with publishing

Greg Wilson gvwilson at software-carpentry.org
Mon May 18 17:02:37 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,

Matt Davis and I managed to get a DOI for the shell-novice lesson this 
afternoon - see https://zenodo.org/record/17723.  There are a few things 
we're still trying to figure out:

1. It looks like the author list is auto-populated from the Git 
history.  If there's a way to edit it, we haven't found it.

2. When we compare it with something like 
https://zenodo.org/record/17641#.VVpSrecVM7x, the latter has a richer 
description - don't know how to create that.

3. The license listed for our release is "Other (Open)".  Don't know how 
to fix that.

The good news, actually creating this was relatively straightforward; 
once we have fixes for the things above, it shouldn't take very long at 
all to create releases and get DOIs for the other lessons.


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