[Maintainers] how close are we to shipping?

Raniere Silva raniere at ime.unicamp.br
Fri May 8 17:46:08 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,

> Thanks for your status feedback - if I understand correctly, we should be
> able to do the release Thursday of next week (May 14).  To hit that, please
> aim to have all your changes committed by Monday night (May 11).

I'm happy to say that the last commit from lesson template for 5.3 is

    commit 0b29b124d60b80705bdb6e9403147eed8b659843
    Author: Raniere Silva <raniere at ime.unicamp.br>
    Date:   Fri May 8 18:26:56 2015 -0300

        Remove classes from heading inside blockquote

I will only merge any other change after Greg and Matt do the DOI dance.

Changes that you should be careful:

1.  AUTHORS: List contributors to this project

    The repositories now have a file name AUTHORS.

    I, Greg, Matt and Trevor King can handle
    the update of this file.
    If you want to help

        # pip install -r requirements.txt
        $ update-copyright.py

    edit `.mailmap` and

        $ update-copyright.py

2.  Getting Ready box

    Ivan Gonzalez suggested to add

        > Getting ready {.ready}
        > What learners need to do before the lesson

    into `index.md` right after

        > Prerequisites {.prereq}
        > What learners need to know before the lesson

    You will need to do this.

3.  Minor changes at `tools/check.py`

    You will now get just a warning if you have sub-headings.

    And there is also a counter of the errors.

Thanks you all and have a nice weekend.

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