[Instructors] Speak Italian? (parli italiano?)

Maneesha Sane maneesha at software-carpentry.org
Tue Mar 7 15:15:55 CST 2017

Hi all,

(Disregard this email if you don't speak Italian)

I have a request for a workshop from a site based in Italy and they want 
to know how realistic it is to get an Italian speaking instructor.   The 
Carpentries are considering ways we can collect and maintain this kind 
of information about all of you, but for now I'm just putting out the ask.

If you speak Italian and are willing to teach sometime this year, can 
you respond to me noting your proficiency level and where you are based?

No commitment is implied by you responding - I'm just getting some 
general info now.


Maneesha Sane, M.S.Ed.
Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry
Program Coordinator & Instructor

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