[Instructors] Upcoming workshops: Federal Reserve Board, University of Cincinnati

Maneesha Sane maneesha at software-carpentry.org
Sun Feb 14 12:31:06 EST 2016

Hi all,
We have some Data Carpentry workshops coming up that need instructors.  
June may be too far ahead for people to commit, but I'd like to get the 
first FRB one filled soon.  If you're confident about your June 
calendar, sign up for those too!

Federal Reserve Board, Washington, DC - March/April and June
University of Cincinnati - June

Please note that you must have Data Carpentry certification to teach 
these workshops.  If you want to but don't have it yet, email me 
directly so we can set up an orientation to get you certified.

Sign up here: 

Also as a reminder, we hold mentoring sessions (for people who are 
teaching in the next few weeks) and debriefing sessions (for those who 
have just taught).  Check out the calendar here 
(http://software-carpentry.org/join/).  Note times listed are in GMT.

Any questions please email me back.

Maneesha Sane
Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry
Program Coordinator

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