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I replied as included below, but haven't done anything to the paper in 



> Hi Katie; thanks very much for your mail. Yes, we can add a note 
> clarifying what we mean - and yes, the case we had in mind is textual 
> data in tables.  I'd do exactly the same thing as you for things like 
> FITS, i.e., raw in one directory, processed in another.  And if you'd 
> ever like me to chat with your students online, I'd be happy to answer 
> questions they might have about programming or anything else.

On 2017-02-06 6:40 AM, Lex Nederbragt wrote:
> Hi,
> Did she get a reply? I don’t think the current text excludes her 
> situation? Could we ask her to point out more specifically sentences 
> where a researchers in her situation would miss something?
> Lex
>> On 24 Jan 2017, at 18:46, Greg Wilson 
>> <gvwilson at software-carpentry.org 
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>> FYI - nice to know people are reading. Who'd like to tackle her point 
>> about clarifying data management?
>> thx,
>> G
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>> Subject: 	comments on good enough practices
>> Date: 	Sun, 22 Jan 2017 17:23:36 -0700
>> From: 	Katie Morzinski <katiemorzinski at gmail.com>
>> To: 	Greg Wilson <gvwilson at software-carpentry.org>
>> Hi Greg Wilson,
>> Thanks for all your work for Software and Data Carpentry (and 
>> congrats on your new position). I'm an early-career research 
>> astronomer who works with telescope observations and instrument 
>> building, and I send my undergraduate student interns to the Software 
>> Carpentry website to get them started learning Python.
>> I saw the statement "We would appreciate feedback of all kinds: 
>> please email comments to the authors." 
>> (https://swcarpentry.github.io/good-enough-practices-in-scientific-computing/ 
>> <https://swcarpentry.github.io/good-enough-practices-in-scientific-computing/>), 
>> so I hope there is still time for me to send feedback on your recent 
>> Good Enough Practices paper. It has to do with astronomy data so if 
>> that is not your audience or it is too late for the PLOS finalization 
>> then please disregard my feedback.
>> I enjoyed Good Enough Practices very much! I plan to assign it to my 
>> new students as the first thing to do when they start working with 
>> me; I think it is wonderful to have a good starting place for their 
>> data from Data Carpentry just like I have them set up their computers 
>> using the tips and links at Software Carpentry. I will also implement 
>> some of the computer organizational tips myself!
>> For the section about data management, could you specify what fields 
>> or types of data you are thinking about, for some context for the 
>> student? From my reading, that section seems to apply to fields where 
>> raw data are recorded as values in tables or spreadsheets. I don't 
>> think that section applies to many types of observational astronomy 
>> data, where the raw data are image files (in the FITS format). For my 
>> subfield of astronomy, I would recommend to never overwrite the raw 
>> FITS images, but to create new directories for the reduced images (we 
>> call data cleaning "data reduction" and for us it includes 
>> calibrating the images). And I have to think about what other best 
>> practices we can do with astronomy data management, but it's why I'm 
>> here following along with Software and Data Carpentry!
>> Best,
>> Katie Morzinski
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