[Amy] [Question][admin] Would you like the bulk-upload to behave differently?

Piotr Banaszkiewicz piotr at banaszkiewicz.org
Fri Oct 9 12:51:00 EDT 2015


currently bulk-upload requires you to manually type-in event and role for
each entry in the file.

What I propose is to enable per-workshop bulk-upload, with all roles by
default set to "learner" and an option to change them on the confirmation
page (similarly to what's possible now).

So you'd:
1. select an existing event OR click a button on the existing event's
details page
2. submit a CSV file with only names and emails
3. edit roles if they aren't "learner"
4. confirm and voilà

Alternatively I could get a "download all registered users from Eventbrite"
button if event has EB registration key.

You choose what I'll work on :-)

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