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Fri Jan 26 11:09:35 CST 2018

Submission date: Jan. 26, 2018, 12:09 p.m.
Workshop type: Software-Carpentry
Person: Amy Hodge <<a href="mailto:amyhodge at stanford.edu">amyhodge at stanford.edu</a>>
Affiliation: Stanford University Libraries
Location: Stanford, CA
Country: United States
Alongside of a conference: NA
Preferred date: March 6-7
Workshop language: English
Approx. number of attendees: 20-40 (one room, two instructors)
Attendees' fields: Don't know yet, 
Attendees' academic level: Graduate, Post-doctorate
Attendees' level of computing experience: Don't know yet
Travel and accomodation costs covered by institution: yes
Administrative fee understanding: yes
Fee waiver requested: no
Travel reimbursement: Hotel will likely be booked directly and paid for by us. Airfare will likely be reimbursed.
Administrative fee payment option: Waiver requested (please give details in "Anything else")
Comment: This workshop should fall under the Stanford partnership agreement and therefore not incur a fee. I am planning to open this to a wide group of grad students/post-docs (or whoever is interested) as opposed to targeting a single department or group, though I will be aiming at novices. I'm hoping in this way to learn more about where the needs on campus lie for these workshops. I would like to run the standard Software Carpentry python workshop that is applicable to the broadest fields of study. Please start by soliciting the Stanford instructors group at carpentry at lists.stanford.edu. I can bring in one experienced instructor from outside this group if needed (but only after exhausting our local pool for available instructors), and would like to try having perhaps 4 people teach this workshop in order to get more of our new instructors involved.

You can view the request here:

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