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Submission date: Jan. 22, 2018, 8:36 a.m.
Workshop type: Software-Carpentry
Person: Birger Buttenschön <<a href="mailto:birger.buttenschoen at ipp.mpg.de">birger.buttenschoen at ipp.mpg.de</a>>
Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics
Location: Greifswald
Country: Germany
Alongside of a conference: —
Preferred date: before July 2018 or after October 2018
Workshop language: English
Approx. number of attendees: 1-20 (one room, two instructors)
Attendees' fields: Computer science/electrical engineering, Physics, 
Attendees' academic level: Graduate
Attendees' level of computing experience: Intermediate (can write a few lines of code for personal use), Proficient (writes multi-page programs which may be shared with others)
Travel and accomodation costs covered by institution: no
Administrative fee understanding: yes
Fee waiver requested: no
Travel reimbursement: see "anything else"
Administrative fee payment option: Non-profit / non-partner: US$2500
Comment: Accommodation and Travel:
- accommodation would most certainly be organized by us (in our own guest apartments);
- travel probably to be organized by instructors with reimbursement.
However, as of now I cannot set the "my insitution will pay" button, because a formal decision has to be issued once we know the total cost.

The Workshop would take place in the MPI for Plasma Physics in Greifswald, where the stellarator Wendelstein 7-X is built and operated. The Workshop would be organized in the frame of our graduate school, i.e. participants would be our PhD students. I am writing you as the study coordinator of this graduate school.

I have 13 interested people, who have the following background:
- working on data evaluation and analysis (quick-and-dirty scripts up to application development);
- everything we do is mostly connected with handling of large data sets, ranging from raw data exploration to visualization for publications;
- one major topic of current (and future) work is the automation of data analysis processes
- people do the programming work alone or in small teams

A quick interrogation of the participants boils down to these fields of interest they would like to have covered by the workshop:
- general best practices, style guides
- scientific work flow approaches; structured development processes
- project and code structuring
- code efficiency and optimization
- automated code processing (e.g. make/cmake)
- code testing and efficient debugging (processes? tools?)
- code versioning and maintenance

The participants' programming skill level (self rated) ranges from "survivor" to "semi-professional"; most of them have (at least first) experience with Python. I would prefer Python as the workshop's programming language when it comes to code-specific details. However, the general idea would be to keep large parts of the workshop as general (in terms of programming language) as possible.

Now here's the tricky part: most of the more experienced people use a Linux environment for developing their code; the institute's standard, however, is Windows with SVN as versioning system. If possible, any topics related to versioning should take this into account.

I am aware that all the above probably sets some boundary conditions which might conflict with your typical workshop agenda. I hope that we are flexible enough to meet somewhere in the middle.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. In all cases, I am looking forward to hear back from you. For now, what I would need is: (a) a statement whether it is possible for you to give such a workshop at our institute, and (b) an official statement on the overall workshop cost to get the internal approval for the money.


You can view the request here:

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