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Thu Jan 4 09:41:48 CST 2018

Submission date: Jan. 4, 2018, 10:41 a.m.
Workshop type: Software-Carpentry
Person: Phillip Doehle <<a href="mailto:doehle at okstate.edu">doehle at okstate.edu</a>>
Affiliation: Oklahoma State University
Location: Stillwater, OK
Country: United States
Alongside of a conference: —
Preferred date: January 8-9, 2018
Workshop language: English
Approx. number of attendees: 20-40 (one room, two instructors)
Attendees' fields: Don't know yet, 
Attendees' academic level: Graduate, Post-doctorate, Faculty
Attendees' level of computing experience: Novice (uses a spreadsheet for data analysis rather than writing code), Intermediate (can write a few lines of code for personal use)
Travel and accomodation costs covered by institution: yes
Administrative fee understanding: yes
Fee waiver requested: no
Travel reimbursement: Oklahoma State will use their own instructors to teach this workshop.
Administrative fee payment option: Self-organized: no fee (please let us know if you wish to make a donation)
Comment: I apologize for the short notice. This is a quickly organized workshop for those who were on the wait list from the December workshop.

You can view the request here:

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